Year 9

Aspire9 Program

Through consultation with professionals, parents, students and teachers, Padua College has developed a new Year 9 Program that will build strong relationships, develop self-aware learners that are active in the community and foster a range of 21st century skills including innovation, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. A key part of the curriculum is our new religious education and pastoral program entitled myLife. Issues such as justice in our world, our responsibility to the environment, creating hope, and our relationships with family, friends and others will be a focus of the course.

Another key change for Year 9 2018 will be the introduction of ‘Focus Weeks’. During these four week-long units, all regular timetabled classes will cease and students will be fully immersed in the learning experience of the Focus Week. Specifically designed around the needs of Year 9 students, these include a journey-based camp, city experience, work-ready unit and a local environment/sustainability week. The Year 9 teaching team look forward to an exciting year full of wonderful opportunities for our students.

Mark De Fazio
Director of Aspire9


Year 9 Curriculum Overview Year 9 Curriculum Overview (518 KB)

Year 9 Curriculum Guide Year 9 Curriculum Guide (1454 KB)


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