Year 9

Aspire9 Program

2020 marks the third year of the Aspire9 Program at Padua College. A dedicated Year 9 Centre on each campus provides a learning environment that is supportive and tailored to the needs of adolescents.

The aims of the Padua College Aspire9 program are to:

  • Educate the whole person
  • Build strong relationships that enhance a positive and supportive learning environment.
  • Develop self-aware learners who are active in the community and the wider world.
  • Foster a range of 21st Century skills including innovation, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.
  • Provide an inclusive program that engages and extends all students.

The Year 9 Curriculum consists of core subjects including: myLife, Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Health & PE, Geography and History, plus 4 semester based electives (two in semester one, and two in semester two).

Key components of our Aspire9 Program are the dedicated learning blocks or Focus Weeks. Students rotate through two week-long units, specifically aimed at developing a range of skills and providing relevant learning experiences. These city and camp experiences are spread all across the state and students may be involved in anything from canoeing down the Murray River to hiking in the Alps, or exploring the City Melbourne and participating in “tertiary taster” days. You may access more information in the Camp Selection Booklet PDF below.

In addition to this, students spend one day a fortnight participating in Aspire9 experiential learning days. New in 2020, our Aspire9 Days provide opportunities for students to explore areas that they are passionate about through intensive elective units.

Mark De Fazio
Director of Aspire9

Year 9 2021 Curriculum Guide

For comprehensive information on subjects and electives available, please download the Year 9 Curriculum Guide here.

Year 9 Curriculum Guide 2021 Year 9 Curriculum Guide 2021 (2014 KB)

Camp Selection Booklet

Focus Week Semester 2 Year 9 2020 Focus Week Semester 2 Year 9 2020 (1409 KB)

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