Year 10

Students come together at the beginning of Year 10 from the Padua College Tyabb, Rosebud and Mornington Campuses to start their first year at the Year 10-12 Senior Campus.

Located on the Mornington site, the Year 10-12 Senior Campus allows our Year 10 students the flexibility to undertake a wide variety of elective subjects, or to begin their VCE pathway through undertaking a Unit 1/2 Accelerated Subject. The Year 10 course consists of a number of Core and Elective subjects, as outlined below.

CORE subjects:



Mathematics (three levels available)


Science (General Science or a Year 10 Specialist Science)

Humanities (at least one History or Geography subject)


A wide variety of electives is available from the faculties of English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Health and PE.

In addition to the subjects listed above, students also have the ability to undertake the following:

Applied Learning Program

This is a specialised program designed to allow students to investigate and experience a variety of work industries and to determine whether VCE or VCAL is the right senior pathway option for their interests.

VET Course

Vocation Education and Training (VET) courses are nationally accredited courses in a variety of industries that are hands on and practical in nature. VET courses can contribute towards a student’s future VCE or VCAL certificate.

Unit 1/2 VCE Accelerated Subject

Subject to meeting eligibility requirements, Year 10 students may undertake one Unit 1/2 (Year 11) subject as part of their course, which will contribute to their VCE ATAR score.

Year 10 2021 Curriculum Guide

For comprehensive information on subjects, electives and courses available, please download the Year 10 Curriculum Guide here.

Year 10 Curriculum Guide 2021 Year 10 Curriculum Guide 2021 (2227 KB)

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