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Never see a need without doing something about it.’ St Mary of the Cross MacKillop The Padua College Mission Statement challenges all members of the school community to have compassion for those in need, to create hope and liberate, and to reconcile and forgive. These Gospel challenges reinforce our commitment to Social Justice in the college. We hope to be of practical support for those experiencing difficulties and disadvantage in our world, but also to educate our students into a life of considering and helping others, and challenging injustice where they find it.


“The dedication to social justice at Padua is what makes our school unique. In Year 7, I connected to the school’s emphasis of community outreach and the belief of taking action when a need is seen. This aspect of our curriculum doesn’t feel like school work, more a platform for any student to take an issue or problem they are passionate about and work towards making a positive impact.

I have been fortunate enough to work on projects such as supporting indigenous education, as well as raising funds and awareness of social justice issues throughout the College. It is because of these projects that I had the opportunity to travel to East Timor in Year 12 to see first-hand what our work at Padua does to support those in need.” Bridget, Year 12

In keeping with our Catholic, Mercy and Franciscan heritage, the school promotes an extensive social justice outreach program. Each of our houses supports a social justice organisation in Australia or overseas, and all students are encouraged to actively engage in learning about the needs of their organisation and be involved in assisting them, and members of our local community, through various activities.


At Padua we have 20 houses in four clusters. Each of these houses supports a Social Justice outreach specific to the charism of that cluster. The students learn about the organisation and try to help with fund-raising and practical help where that is possible.

The Mercy (Blue) Houses support Mercyworks, the justice work of the Mercy sisters in Papua New Guinea, South Africa and East Timor, and McAuley Care which looks after women and families who have suffered from domestic violence.

The Franciscan (Gold) Houses support the St Dominic Savio Girls Orphanage in Venilale Timor-Leste, which is run by Catholic nuns and serves the needs of many children without parents or whose parents cannot support them.

The Australian Church (Red) Houses support the Opening the Doors Foundation which helps local indigenous students to stay in school, the MacKillop East Timor Foundation which assists in developing school texts in the local languages in Timor-Leste, and the St Vincent de Paul Society which cares for people in need locally, and the work of the Josephite sisters in Peru who travel in the footsteps of Irene McCormack.

The Modern Church (Green) Houses support Caritas Australia which is the aid and development agency of the Australian Church and are also helping to re-build the Bercoli Catholic Primary School in Timor-Leste.


As part of their Religious Education program, students in Years 9, 10 and 12 can select an elective called the ‘Catholic Action Program’ which allows students to be involved in community service in a range of ways.


The Padua College community also tries to respond to emergency situations where needed. When emergencies occur, such as drought, eatrthquakes or tsunamis, the school responds by educating students on the situation and raising funds for the emergency campaigns run by Caritas Australia.


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