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The Padua College Parent Group is a great way to meet up with other parents and to get involved in various activities while your child is at Padua. The Parent Group meets once a term as a whole group, and there are several sub-committees that might interest you. Read more here:

Parent Group Advice for Year 7 Parents and Students Parent Group Advice for Year 7 Parents and Students (350 KB)

Padua Group Meeting Minutes (October2019) Padua Group Meeting Minutes (October2019) (383 KB)

College Leadership Structure 2020 College Leadership Structure 2020 (4544 KB)

For any information on the Parent Group please contact:
Mr Michael Harrison – Vice-Principal (Mission and Community) –
Mrs Sarah Hansen – Personal Assistant (Human Resources) –
Both can also be contacted on 5976 0100.

Padua Parents - General Information

Susan McLean

In a world where cyber technology issues are ongoing challenges for all of us, the Padua College Parent Group invited Susan McLean, author of ‘Sexts, Texts and Selfies’ and one of Australia’s foremost experts in cyber-safety and young people, to present information to us regarding the challenges of cyber-safety and discuss what we can do about the issues confronting us. It was a wonderful night and some fact sheets that Susan provided to us are reproduced here for you to peruse.

Internet Safety Tips for Parents, Teachers & Carers Internet Safety Tips for Parents, Teachers & Carers (1277 KB)

School TV

Here, you'll find a range of topics each published monthly with comprehensive videos from leading specialists and organisations.

You'll also find Fact Sheets, suggested books, apps, websites and much more. And because SchoolTV is independent, we've pulled in some great content from organisations such as Beyond Blue, ReachOut, HeadSpace and others.

I trust you get great value from every edition and happy, safe parenting!

Link - School TV

Positive Education At Padua College

As many of you are aware the College is very excited about the ways in which we are striving to meet the educational and social-emotional learning needs of our students. The roll out of Positive Education across the College has begun, and students have been working to understand their individual character strengths. Staff at the College will work with students to encourage them to look at their character strengths and build on them to achieve their goals. Parents will be kept up to date regarding what is being covered at school so further discussion can take place at home. The program we have chosen to undertake at the College is called Learning Curve and parents are very much encouraged to have a look through the program. It can be found at Login: Padua Password: Padua

So far this year, we have focussed on our three College expectations; Do Your Best, Help Others Achieve, Respect Community and Environment. These three basic expectations cover everything we do here at Padua and students have been asked to reflect on how they can achieve these expectations- the fundamental question being what does it look like when we are ‘Doing Our Best?’

One important resource for parents is SchoolTV (you will find the link on this page). Our partnership with this wonderfully rich program ensures parents have immediate access to expert advice on a range of issues that impact the lives of young people.

The final year of secondary school is a year of hard work and a huge commitment for students. With so much going on it can be hard to find the balance between study and life. It is a time when personalities start to emerge, there are more complex interpersonal relationships and there is the pressure to perform academically. With all of this going on, it’s not surprising that some students have an emotional response and it is therefore extremely important for parents to know how to support their children during this time. There is a great deal of interesting information on SchoolTV for parents.

Some young people will need more support than others. Keeping the communication lines open with your child, their teachers, mentors and other parents will be crucial. Being aware of your child’s mental and physical wellbeing can play a vital role in their success.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact your child’ Homeroom Teacher, House Coordinator or a member of the Wellbeing team.

It has been a very positive and fruitful start to the year, we thank all of the students here at Padua for their willingness to engage in their learning and development. 2018 is shaping up to be a very exciting and fulfilling year.

Catholic Education Melbourne - Term Dates

Please note that these dates are not specific to Padua College but are provided to give a broad indication as to future Term Dates that Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) works to. Click Here for link to CEM website

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Padua College Change of Address Form Padua College Change of Address Form (381 KB)

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