Year 12 Final Mass and Awards

This week we have had the opportunity to celebrate our graduating Year 12 class with a number of significant events and I wish to congratulate our Year 12 graduates on the manner in which they represented themselves on these occasions. The behaviour of the Year 12 cohort emphasised their maturity and the respect they have for the College Community, and their sense of belonging to our community.

On Monday 21 October we commenced with a whole College Assembly and this is one of the annual events in which we have the three campuses come together to celebrate. This is the last formal assembly for our Year 12 students and provides an opportunity for the entire student body to acknowledge our Year 12 Award recipients and to witness the symbolic handing over of the College Student Leadership.

At this assembly, the 2019 Student Captains: Isabella Shannon and Grainne Snooks and Vice Captains: Monique Machin and Edward Brownlee, handed over the leadership of the student body to the newly elected 2020 College Captains: Lucy Hutchins and Nirmal Vijay, and Vice Captains, Holly Curigliano and Noah Crosling.

L-R: Vice Captains, Holly Curigliano and Noah Crosling and Captains: Nirmal Vijay and  Lucy Hutchins.


2019 Award Winners announced at the Assembly on Monday were:

The Melanie Holden Surfing and Academic Award: presented in memory of Melanie Holden (1972 – 2004) a past student of Padua College who completed Year 12 in 1989.

This award is given annually to a young woman from Year 11 or 12 who combines an avid interest in surfing with a diligence in her study.

The Winner was Hailey Reid of MacKillop House.


The Susan Lash Award: Sue was instrumental in enabling students’ access to Vocational Education & Training opportunities and this Award is in recognition of the wonderful work she did solely on behalf of the Padua students.

Part of the criteria for the decision of who receives the Award reflects this perseverance and the ability to overcome the odds, qualities that Sue possessed.

The winner was Charlotte Posthuma of Bernard House.


Mick McLoughlin Art Award: Michael McLoughlin (1943 – 2012) was Deputy Principal and inaugural Head of Rosebud Campus. He was an excellent teacher of Graphics and his design background is evident in the Rosebud Campus. This acknowledgment is given annually to a Year 11 or 12 student who has produced an outstanding piece of work in Arts or Technology as part of their portfolio work for the VCE.

The Winner was Todd Dupas of Francis House.


Year 12 Subject Awards Winners