Tyabb Art Club

This semester the Tyabb Art Club members have been working on a collaborative painting of a Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait. The students each completed at least one 25 x 25cm piece of the painting, which in total comprises 30 pieces and measures 1.25m x 1.5m. The students focused on trying to replicate Van Gogh’s style by using similar brushstrokes and colours. It was interesting to see how each student handled this in their own individual way and saw the same colours slightly differently.

This dedicated group of students have now completed three of these large-scale artist portraits, which are on display in the Art/Tech building at Padua’s Tyabb Campus.

The next project for the Art Club is to decorate the exterior of our sacred space, Murrum Biik. Any students from the Tyabb Campus that would like to be involved in this, or any other Art Club projects, can join Mr Tyrrell and Mrs Fitzgerald on Mondays at lunchtime.


Luke Tyrrell

Art Teacher