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Term 4

In this final term we have many students who are looking for apprenticeships, or casual jobs for the summer holidays or for next year. They can look at our “Jobs Board” where there are many current opportunities advertised. Local positions are updated regularly in areas such carpentry, plumbing, hospitality, nursery, hairdressing, business administration and many more casual jobs listed. If students need help with finding work or preparing a resume please call into the careers office for advice: Jobs Board


Year 10

Work Experience

Last opportunity to those students who are planning on doing Work Experience in December, to please return their completed Work Experience forms to the Careers Office by Thursday 31 October so that the necessary paperwork can be organised.


Year 11

We encourage our Year 11 students to consider doing further research into their career pathways and educational opportunities beyond school. Year 12 is a busy year and now is the time to seek out more specific information on courses and institutions. If students would like to make an appointment to meet with the careers staff we are available for appointments. Please contact the staff member for their House or they can call into the careers office.


Year 12

VTAC applications and results

* Students must remember to pay the VTAC registration fee. If this is not paid they will not receive an offer.

* They can still apply for courses now, but it will incur a late fee. Applications can be made until Friday 6 December (it just gets more expensive)

* Please check all course applications through VTAC to see if there are any additional requirements which must be completed to ensure you are eligible for the course. This will involve things like: personal statements, folios, auditions, pre-selection kits or the CASPER test. You will not be offered a position in the course if this task is not completed, regardless of your ATAR.

* There is a quick video available at VCE RESULTS SERVICE instructing you how to register for the VCE results and ATAR service. This will ensure your results are sent to you at 7am on Thursday 12 December.

* You should also REGISTER HERE

Change of preferences

* We encourage all Year 12 students to ensure that there are courses in their preferences which are back-ups for their dream course, in case things do not go to plan. If they do not have a course on their preference list which they are certain that they can get into, even if things don’t go well in exams, please contact the careers office and we can assist you to rearrange preferences Pathway planning assistance

* Padua Careers staff will be available to assist all Year 12 students over the next few months at any time.

* During the “Change of Preference” days (immediately after ATAR results - Thursday 12 - Saturday 14 December) when students are modifying preferences– Padua Careers staff will be available for assistance on:

Thursday 12  December - 8am to 5pm

Friday 13 December - 8am to 3pm

Year 12 students are welcome to come in to the careers office at school, email or make contact via the phone for advice.

* The VTAC change of preference period will close on Saturday 14 December at 12.00pm (noon).

* On Friday 13 December and in the morning of Saturday 14 December, several Universities will be offering change of preference support and information on their campuses, you will need to check times with each institute for specific days and times.


* The first round of offers will be released on Wednesday 18 December after 2.00pm, followed by second round offers on Wednesday 15 January 2020 at 2pm.

* For further information on how to accept offers, about subsequent offer rounds and enrolling in courses please refer to the VTAC website, or the specific institute which offers your course.


AFL SportsReady  

Is a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping young Australians develop careers through traineeships and educational opportunities:


TAFE  Courses

Now is the time to make an application for any TAFE courses at Chisholm. Students need to apply directly to Chisholm - no ATAR is necessary.

There are also a number of Free TAFE courses which are on offer, so it is worth looking into them.



For students who are wanting to apply for Education /Teaching courses next year they are now required to sit the Casper Test prior to offers. Students wanting to receive a first round offer can sit the test on Sunday 17 November 11.00am.  For more information and to register for: Casper



Year 12 students are able to apply for more scholarship opportunities. Check out the list of scholarships not available through VTAC: Scholarships

Student should also look at their chosen institution's website - there may be other scholarships for which they are eligible. 


Padua Careers Website

Our College website has a wealth of information on this site and it’s useful to check regularly: Padua College Careers

If students would like to arrange a careers meeting to discuss subjects or courses, please contact the Padua careers staff member for your house on the links below, or contact the Careers office at Mornington to make an appointment:

Green Houses – Ms Stipic

Blue Houses  -  Mrs Maher

Red Houses  -  Mrs Kerr

Gold Houses -  Mrs Milne


The Careers Team