Faith News

As you walk through the supermarket, you have hundredss of possible options of what you could have for dinner. You can choose whatever you like. This situation is very different for thousands of families across Australia. In the last 12 months, 5 million Australians have experienced food insecurity. 14% of Australians are eating less food than they need because they lack money or other resources to obtain food. In 2018, more than 4 million Australians (18% of the population) were in a situation where they had run out of food and had been unable to buy more.

If we look at the effect of food insecurity worldwide, over 1 billion people live on less than $1 a day with nearly half the world's population (2.8 billion) living on less than $2 a day. More than 800 million people go to bed hungry every day, 300 million of these are children. Of these children, only eight percent are victims of famine or other emergency situations. More than 90 percent are suffering long-term malnourishment and micronutrient deficiency.

13– 19 October was National Anti-Poverty Week. Anti–Poverty Week encourages the Australian community to develop a greater understanding of poverty and to take action as a nation to eradicate this problem. The week is supported by the United Nations Day for the Eradication of Poverty on 17th October.

Here at Padua, we are in the process of collecting money and food items for the Christmas hampers in which we give out to members of the Padua Community. This Anti–Poverty week provides us with a precious opportunity to reflect on the hardships people in our very own community are going to be experiencing this Christmas. I hope that you might find that this a valuable opportunity to take action against food insecurity and poverty by providing a donation to the Christmas hampers. During this year’s Christmas Appeal we are inspired by the words of Pope Francis, who said, “The work you do, sends a clear message: it is not by seeking our own advantage that we build the future; the progress of all advances each time we walk with those who are left behind.” Every little action taken will make a profound difference to those that require the support and kindness.

Samantha Vinson
Social Justice Coordinator