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Job vacancies

It is that time of the year when our students are looking for apprenticeships, or casual jobs for the summer holidays or next year. They can look at our “Jobs Board” where there are many current opportunities advertised. Local positions are updated regularly in areas such carpentry, plumbing, hospitality, nursery, hairdressing, business administration and many more casual jobs listed. If students need help with finding work or preparing a resume please call into the careers office for advice: Jobs Board


Naval gazing at HMAS Cerberus

On Thursday 19 September a group of Year 10 and 11 students visited HMAS Cerberus for the day to explore the facility and career opportunities.

A reflection on the day by Beau Harper-Treloar in Year 10 :

“Padua College students travelled to HMAS Cerbrus NAVY Base on the 19/9/2019. To find out what they have to offer after school as a career path. We were shown around the base during the day and saw lots happening.In the Navy base we went to the Gym, swimming pool, Recruit school, sss school which is Fire figthing simulation and water tank simulation, we saw the sailors march and had lunch at the Mess.

In the afternoon we went to the engineering machine shop, marine sheds and even got to hear the Navy band play. Some of the jobs in the Navy are Musicians, mechanics, chefs, sailors.The whole day was great as we got  the opportunity to go to see the Navy training in action. Thankyou to the teachers who went with us for the day.”


Year 10

Work Experience

A reminder to those students who are planning on doing Work Experience in December, to please return their completed Work Experience forms to the Careers Office as soon as possible so that the necessary paperwork can be organised.


Year 11

We encourage our Year 11 students to consider doing further research into their career pathways and educational opportunities beyond school. Year 12 is a busy year and now is the time to seek out more specific information on courses and institutions. If students would like to make an appointment to meet with the careers staff we are available for appointments. Please contact the staff member for their House or they can call into the careers office.


Year 12

Students should have their VTAC accounts set up by now.

* They are reminded to pay the fee (if they haven’t already) and they can adjust their preferences as required.

* They must check all requirements for entry to courses – completing personal statements, undertake Casper testing or submit folios by due dates.

Important dates are included in the table below.

Preparing for Interviews /auditions / folios for university courses  

The closing dates for these are coming up in the next few weeks, so it is important for students to know these and prepare their submissions and selection kits: Fact sheet



For students who are wanting to apply for Education /Teaching courses next year they are now required to sit the Casper Test prior to offers. Students must register and complete one test on any of the following dates and specific times: Oct 15th  8pm,   Nov 17th 11am           

For more information and to register for: Casper


AFL SportsReady  

Is a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping young Australians develop careers through traineeships and educational opportunities:  ALF Sports ready


Pathways, Courses, Apprenticeships and Job information

We have prepared a list of agencies to assist with finding employment or apprenticeship opportunities – please call into the careers office to collect or request one to be emailed to you. Information to assist Year 12 students:  Pathways


Padua Careers Website

Our College website has a wealth of information on this site and it’s useful to check regularly: Padua College Careers

If students would like to arrange a careers meeting to discuss subjects or courses, please contact the Padua careers staff member for your house on the links below, or contact the Careers office at Mornington to make an appointment:

Green Houses – Ms Stipic

Blue Houses  -  Mrs Maher

Red Houses  -  Mrs Kerr

Gold Houses -  Mrs Milne


The Careers Team