Creation and the Environment - Clean Up!

At the end of Term 3 a great bunch of students from the Creation and the Environment class took part in a beach clean-up at Mothers Beach, with the support of a volunteer group called Beach Patrol.  The students were asked to concentrate on the foreshore to sift through seaweed, targeting micro-plastic. Perfect weather and a great group resulted in a successful day.

In the classes double lesson they were able to collect a total of 22kg of rubbish including:

Plastic bottles 12

Glass bottles 4

Broken glass 28

Plastic bottle tops 34

Metal bottle tops 23

Plastic straws 47

Aluminium cans 2

While plastic bags 2

Plastic food wrappers 372

Hard plastic 77

Bits of plastic bags 271

Foil wrappers 9

Rubber balloons 4

Paper cups 3

Soft plastic 73

Cigarettes 214

Paper/cardboard 142

Polystyrene 7

Fishing line/rope 4M

Broken table 1

The table made a big difference to the weight.

It's great to see the environment being such a big conversation in so many subjects at Padua College!

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