Year 12 VCAL Personal Development Skills

In Term 3 we had to create a project around either Homelessness or Environment. We chose to investigate Homelessness and decided to create hygiene packs for homeless women.

We collected donations from local supermarkets, chemists, hospitals, a hotel and Target. We also created a Go Fund Me and fundraised $176.  We decided to also create a school activity -  ‘Guess How Many Lollies are in the Jar’  which raised $45.35.

With all of this, we were able to create 51 hygiene packs.

We would like to thank the following companies for their kind donations towards these packs: Rosebud Hospital, Mornington Chemist Warehouse, Mornington Target, Mornington Coles, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and also to everyone who donated to our Go Fund Me.

Thank you for your generosity – it will certainly make a difference!

Tiana Hudd, Kiara Tonellotto, Emily Douglas and Hanna Falk, Year 12 VCAL

Claire Stipic
Applied Learning and Careers Office