Work Experience – Can you Help?

Do you have a business, or work for a company that could offer our students a Work Experience placement? We would like to broaden our network of potential employers as our Year 10 students will be looking for Work Experience in the coming months. Our VCAL students are also starting to organise their 1-day per week Work Placements, which relate to their VET studies in 2020. We have students interested in a huge variety of occupations and trades, such as hairdressing, building, electrical, working with animals, health care, childcare and pre-school, landscaping, the sports industry… just to name a few!

All industries and work places are highly valued opportunities, and the demand is great!

If you are able to help our students by offering these opportunities, please get in touch with Sarah Bounds in the Padua College Careers Office by emailing:


Sarah Bounds

Careers & VET Office

(03) 5976 0174