Somerville Crime Scene Services visit Year 9 Forensics class

On Wednesday 4 September, the Year 9 Forensics class were fortunate to have a visit by Leading Senior Constables Kylie Pearce and Sofia Kamboukos from Somerville Crime Scene Services. The students were shown how fingerprints are taken out in the field and the different fingerprint patterns. Students also heard about the case of Hekel the squirrel monkey who was stolen from Melbourne Zoo and then dumped at Oakleigh Police Station and how fingerprinting solved the case. The class were given time to ask the two leading senior constables questions related to the field of work  they are involved in. A poignant point of the morning was L/S/C Sofia Kambouko telling the students that the “most powerful weapon is your voice.”

Lisa Modd
Learning and Pedagogy Leader - Rosebud
Assistant Learning Area Leader – Science Rosebud