Warralong Immersion Experience

On Friday 28 June, fifteen Year 11 and 12 students, along with Peter Harte and Samantha Vinson, met at the Chapel at the Mornington Campus and had a lovely liturgy. Our bags were all packed and we were ready to set off on our journey to Warralong, in northern Western Australia. Little did we know what we were about to experience over the next ten days.

We were shocked by the disadvantages Indigenous communities around Australia face, and contrastingly blown away from the beautiful, gentle souls we met. The community was alive with purity, love and strength. Everything any individual did was based upon their core values of family and kindness and this was very evident in their generous natures.

Throughout our immersion we met and created memories with people in the community and from school that will last a lifetime. The kids will always hold a special pace in our hearts. For many of us the most valuable part of the trip was not only experiencing firsthand Aboriginal culture and meeting such special people, but then being able to share our experiences and knowledge back home to help raise awareness of challenges our Indigenous peoples face.

We are all incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity. It was an enriching and unforgettable experience which showed us the true value of things in life. In the space of ten days such meaningful connections and memories were made that we will cherish forever. The red dirt, the late night basketball games and beautiful grinning faces is something we will never forget and will always hold very close to our hearts. 

If anyone has the chance, we couldn’t more highly recommend applying to go on the immersion - it was truly one of the most unique and rewarding experiences we’ve ever had. We’d like to thank all those who made it possible, our parents, the sponsors, Mr Harte, Ms Vinson, Mr Harrison and of course the teachers and organisers up at Warralong. We sincerely hope to carry on our relationship with the community and plan to go back again. Their pride in culture; their honesty and kindness; their sense of community and the friendships we formed, made the experience one we will never forget.

Amy Russell, Lily Neal, Jen Quinlan, Tess Hansen, Monique Machin, Caitlyn Sheldrick, Josh Stephan, Nirmal Vijay, Charli Robert, Mia Farish, Jordana Bowra, Charlie Garner, Flynt Robbins, Isaac Gee, Lucy Hutchins and Peter Harte and Samantha Vinson