SIS Book in a Day

Participating in the 2019 SIS Book in a Day competition has been a great and valuable experience to me. Why you ask? Well, Firstly I have never done anything like it! It has taught me valuable skills like how to work with brilliant creative thinkers and collaborate to write a book only using some very weird a wacky prompts. A great part of the day was the first two hours where we frantically plotted and planned our entire story.

My favourite part of the day was writing my own chapter and guessing how the others stories came together so I could write a fitting conclusion to them. I called this “taking educational estimations”. Thankfully, the result was successful.  My least favourite part of the day was having the immense pressure to get everything done on time. Another hour would be nice but hey, I can’t complain about eight hours. I was very pleased with the result of "Oswald - the survival adventure of Lieutenant Roxy Warren and the collapse of Operation GOTAP."  I would highly recommend Book in a Day to creative writers and anyone who wants to have fun!

Heath Crosling

Year 10 Francis