Production of Disney’s The Lion King Jr

Padua College has five students involved in the upcoming Artzmartz Young Peoples Theatre Production of Disney’s The Lion King Jr.

We wish to commend the following students for their time and efforts in Drama, both in Padua College’s recent School of Rock production, but also for their extra-curricular commitments with Artzmartz. Listed are the students and the role they’re playing in the production:

Noah Fayle (Year 7 Teresa) - Mufasa

Robbie Grant (Year 10 MacKillop) - Scar (not pictured in photo)

Chloe Mereszko (Year 11 John XXIII) - Rafiki

Chris Chalmers (Year 8 Cardijn) - Simba

Bethany Clarke (Year 8 McCormack) - Sarafina

The Lion King Jr. production has 42 cast members in total and hits the stage at the Cranbourne Community Theatre, Brunt Street from 3-6 October.  The cast will be performing six shows in total and flying to Newcastle the week before to perform in the Oztheatrics Junior Theatre Festival.

Artzmartz is part of Smart Communities, a not for profit charity organisation dedicated to providing a place of belonging to young people on the Peninsula and surrounds. They are proud to be bringing the magic of theatre to all members of the community by offering one show as an all-accessible performance, including interpreters from Auslan Stage Left.

Artzmartz has set up a special promotion code just for Padua families! Type PADUA when purchasing tickets and you will receive a discount. Tickets are on sale now at