Director of Campus Report

Our 2020 Year 7 students were welcomed to the campus in our recent transition interviews. As a part of the ‘Welcome’ pack the students received a Padua ruler with the words of St Anthony of Padua: “Actions speak louder than words; Let your words teach and your actions speak”. The last few weeks have provided students with a number of opportunities to participate in activities outside of timetabled classes enabling their actions to speak.

Our Athletics Carnival at Ballam Park was a great success with the majority of students taking an active role on competing on the day and helping run the events. Congratulations to Mrs Paton and the Teresa House for winning the 2019 Athletics shield.

Congratulations to Ben Forsyth (Year 9 Good 4) a member of the Padua SIS Athletics team. He provides us with the following report;

"On Tuesday 27 August we drove to Albert Park to compete in the SIS Athletics Carnival. The Stadium was huge, really cool and a very professional set up. When sitting up in the stands we had a great view of the track and the city  which was a spectacular backdrop. I had one event to compete in which was High Jump. My previous best jump was 1.65m which I actually cleared at the Rosebud Athletics Day a few weeks ago.

Surprisingly, I was competing against good friends from John Paul College and Flinders College who I know from Basketball. Initially we all jumped 1.55m, then it came down to myself and another competitor. 

I am happy to announce I again jumped my Personal Best of 1.65m which gave me first place. I would like to thank all the teachers for taking us up on the day and my mates for their support. In particular I would like to acknowledge Tyler Fox from Rosebud Campus who jumped really well in the Rosebud Athletics Day Carnival and just missed out on representing the College.

Congratulations to Padua College on winning the SIS Athletics Carnival."

The Padua & District Concert Band Festival is a great experience for our students to work alongside musicians from other schools as well as perform with members of the Royal Australian Navy Band from HMAS Cerberus. Thanks to Mr Mannock, Mrs Edwards and their team for their great work. We look forward to a detailed report in the next Paduan.

The Year 7 students were treated to a very interesting and motivational presentation by a local author Robert Newton. I encourage you to read any of Robert’s work. They are a great read for people of all ages. Pippa Hemingway (Year 7 Goold 1) sums up her experiences;

“On Monday the Year 7’s got the privilege to meet Robert Newton and hear him speak about his life and his books. He was inspiring and taught us that ideas are everywhere you just have to keep your eyes open! For example his books are based on his firefighting experiences, his brother who has dyslexia and people he passes in the street. He talked about the back stories for each of his books. He inspired us because he showed us that anyone can do anything you just have to give it a go."


God Bless 


Phil Helisma

Director of Rosebud Campus

Jim Baird 

Director of Rosebud Campus