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Year 12 information

VTAC – Applications are now open for students to set up their VTAC accounts. Information regarding the application process, SEAS, important dates and selecting course preferences is available.    

Students are reminded to start their applications for preferences and SEAS now.

All students are advised to make a SEAS application:

Supporting statements need to be collected and submitted by the Friday 11 October deadline.

For more specific information on all dates and times please refer to the TVAC website:


Courses with early closing dates: 

These must be listed in your preferences in your VTAC account by the due date.

Melb Uni  - Saturday 31 August– Fine arts ( Dance, Film & TV, Animation, Screenwriting )

Monash Uni- Monday 30 September – Medicine

Melb Uni – Monday 30 September – Fine Arts ( Design & Production, Visual Art, Acting, Theatre, Music Theatre, Production ), Music, Photography & Photo Imaging.

Casper - For students who are wanting to apply for Education /Teaching courses next year they are now required to sit the Casper Test prior to offers. Students must register and complete one test on any of the following dates and specific times:

Friday 6 September 10.00am,  Wednesday 25 Septmber 7.00pm,   Tuesday 15 Octber 8.00pm,   Sunday 17 Novmber 11.00am           

For more information and to register for the Casper:


AFL SportsReady-  is a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping young Australians develop careers through traineeships and educational opportunities.


Looking for an Apprenticeship or Employment -  we have prepared a list of agencies to assist with finding employment or apprenticeship opportunities – please call into the careers office to collect or request one to be emailed to you.


Padua Careers Website

Our College website has a wealth of information on this site and it’s useful to check regularly: updates, VTAC information, calendar of dates, Open Day dates, newsletters and links to TAFE Colleges and Universities.  

If students would like to arrange a careers meeting to discuss subjects or courses, please contact the Padua careers staff member for your house, or contact the Careers office at Mornington to make an appointment:

Green Houses – Ms Stipic

Blue Houses -  Mrs Maher

Red Houses -  Mrs Kerr

Gold Houses - Mrs Milne


The Careers Team