Vice Principal Report

The extended mid-term break for all students has come at the time where all students can benefit significantly from a break from structured classes. This time should be used by all students in the 10-12 Campus to enhance their ability to be the best they can be. This would include ensuring that a clear outline of dates for upcoming assessments is made, preparation for end of year exams, note collation/organisation, study groups formed and returning to school with no overdue assessments weighing them down. As young adults these responsibilities are part of growing up and we are here to support all students in being their best.

Thank you to all the Year 10 and 11 students who completed their subject selections for 2020. Now that this has been completed we now begin to construct the timetable. As we create the timetable based on these selections, any request for change of subjects later this year and in 2020 would need to follow the appropriate channels including completions of subject change request form and careers meeting prior to the request being considered. As always our priority is to ensure that each student has the course they wish for 2020.

Some of the Year 11 VCAL students, as part of their Numeracy program, have been travelling across that state this week after the students budgeted and designed their 3 day program that will see them investigate an environment that is demographically and economically different to Mornington. On their return, their written reports and presentations will be supported in their Literacy classes and form part of their final competency for Year 11 VCAL. In the next edition of the Paduan you will see and read more about their exciting adventures.

This week, all Year 10-12 student as leaders of the College have been reminded of the responsibilities they have in setting the tone of academic progress and respect in the classroom and the yard.  Students whose behaviour does not meet these expectations, which impacts the learning of others, will be removed from class and parent meetings organised.

With only 34 school days remaining for our Year 12 students, remaining on task in the only option. I have asked the staff to once again refocus on the implementation of the Mobile Phone policy and any accompanying headphones and AirPods. Such devices and accessories severely impacts the ability of your child to gain the most from the class as they are engaged in non-educational activities and requires the teacher to stop the class. Your support in helping not only the teacher provide your child with the best grounding for assessment, but also for your child to be the best they can be, is greatly appreciated.  

A friendly reminder to all parents who have students with haircuts that have shaved sections only, presenting extreme contrasts in length - students have been made aware of the College policy and will be asked to rectify this contrast prior to returning to class.

As always, I encourage all parents to continue to be active members of the Padua community, engaging in conversation about what topics are being studied in class, keeping abreast of upcoming events and making contact with a subject teacher as needed.