.....and that’s a wrap!

After eighteen months from initial planning, to auditions back in November 2018 and February 2019, five months of rehearsing along with five sell out performances and one amazingly fun student celebration last week, Production 2019 has officially ended.

Now, all that left is possibly some of the best memories of secondary education years for the students involved, improved performance skills, maybe new vocational aspirations and most importantly loads of new friendships.

There has been so much positivity and rewarding feedback generated from School of Rock. This show certainly captured the energy, enthusiasm and joy of our Padua teenagers and this was infectious for all who experienced the show. We often focus and are concerned with challenges of being a teenager but at the end of the day, as exhibited in School of Rock, dancing and singing full throttle with electrifying energy and joy is something purely magical about being young.

The friendships and wonderful social connection generated from such a bonding experience is only something that those involved will understand. We also wish our senior members well, for whom School of Rock, was their last Padua production. We always welcome past students back to support the team, and this year we were fortunate enough to have the support of five former Padua students (Sam Noonan, Tessa Kirk, Brie Looker, Laura Noonan & Lachlan McFarlane).

Final congratulations to all who performed supported and attended this show. We look forward to seeing you all again, in Production 2021 along with welcoming lots of newbies for whatever the next show shall be?

Rock On!

Kylie Donnelly