All Schools Netball Championships

On Monday 5 August, Padua students from all 3 campuses combined to take on the Netball School Championships in Knox. The day was filled with competitiveness, encouragement and loads of sportsmanship between both sides and it was great fun meeting new people and teachers throughout the day.

A massive congratulations to all teams involved showing loads of teamwork and leadership throughout the day. Also a huge congratulations to the Intermediate Boys team going 6-0 throughout the tournament and the intermediate girls going 7-0 placing both on top of the ladder moving them both onto the next round.

We also recognise the Boys Intermediate team for making it to the second round in school history for boys and the girls making their 5th appearance.

The boys came up against Berwick College in their first game, it was a very tough game and for some of the players it would be their first ever organised netball game. But with wits and skill they walked away victors 6-9. The second game came up against Luther College. Two very skilled teams went head to head but Padua got the win 6-7.

We had a 3 game break so we supported the Intermediate Girls and the Senior Boys teams. And they showed awesome teamwork and sportsmanship in their games.

Our third game was against St Francis Xavier. We led early in the first half 6-0 but inaccurate shooting and silly passes in the second half, brought SFX within a point with 30 seconds to go down their end. 2 crucial blocks by Ben Forsyth gave Padua the win 5-6. Chairo Christian School was our next opponent and this time we made sure we will hold onto our lead. Our set play ‘Kentucky’ worked a lot during the day and during the game it did not disappoint.

Our final games were against a very tall McKinnon team and a strong Emmaus team. Our teamwork, speed, accuracy and unselfishness all played a part in both wins, winning against McKinnon 4-9 and Emmaus 5-8.

I would like to thank Mr Schmidt for coaching us, Mr Di Paolo for helping out during the day with coaching and organisation and Mrs Nettlefold for organising the whole day and the next round plus many more teachers and staff for making the day run smoothly. On behalf of all the students who attended the netball, we thank you. Bring on the second round!

Written by: Ben Fisher, Year 9 Goold