Religious Education Subjects and Choices

As a Religious Education faculty we are always looking to improve our RE subject offerings, as well as the manner in which we approach Religious Education with students. Under the leadership of Mrs Ciara Roberts as Religious Education Learning Team Leader we are working in a range of ways at almost every level, and this will be seen by students and parents at the Subject Selection evenings this week.

 A summary of some of the developments in Religious Education at Padua are:

* The continuing development of the Yr 7 RE course using the teaching process recommended by Catholic Education Melbourne which is called the Pedagogy of Encounter. This means we begin each section of the course by considering student experience and trying as much as possible to make the material studied as engaging and relevant to students as possible.

* The re-writing of the Yr 8 RE Course for 2020 in line with the same teaching method.

* The continuing exploration of how faith and life meet in the new Yr 9 Program which we call myLife.

* Allowing students in Yr 10 to do a more intensive study of RE through a semester course in the VCE unit Religion and Society Unit 1.

* The expansion of the curriculum in Yr 11 to include the option of studying Texts & Traditions (Biblical Studies) as an alternative to the Ethics unit.

* An additional option for our Yr 12 students entitled ‘Faith and Science’ which will explore the inter-relationship between faith and science in a range of ways.

As you can see, there is a great deal happening in the Religious Education faculty. In addition to recognising the work of Mrs Roberts and other members of the Faith Team, I would like to especially thank the fantastic work done by our RE teachers across all campuses.  It is challenging work in an increasingly secular society, and their dedication and inspiration is wonderful to see. Thankyou all!

And finally, please encourage students to think through their RE choices where they have them.  As you can see, we take great pride in offering a range of engaging subject areas in RE, but it relies on students taking the time to reflect on which course will be best for them.


Michael Harrison
Vice Principal: Mission & Community