Deputy Principal Report

Term 3 continues at pace and as always there is so much happening at Padua College, amongst the SIS Sport, SIS Teen Chef, and of course the spectacularly successful College production, “School of Rock”, we also have our day to day lessons and activities.


School of Rock

I would like to add my congratulations and thanks to the many staff involved in providing this opportunity for all the students at Padua. I would particularly like to highlight the Production team staff who are also part of our Mornington Junior Campus, they are (in no particular order), Kylie Donnelly, Gabe Noonan, Jodie Williams, Gina Reimers, Mary Gleeson, Steve Cussigh, Val Hardie, Jude Walker,  special mention to our two Mornington Junior staff who made cameo appearances, Steve Sosic and Jackie Roser, along with many other staff who helped out.

I am in awe of these generous people who gave up so many of their Sunday and Thursday evenings to ensure the Production was a success. Well done one and all.

However, my biggest accolades are reserved for the stars of the show, our students. It was magnificent to see students come together across all Padua Campuses to produce a show of which they can all be proud and which will live in their memories…forever!

I acknowledge below cast members from our Mornington Junior Campus – well done you made us all so proud!


The cast of School of Rock – Mornington Junior Campus 

Billy Atta

Aylah Barber

Lachlan Barnsley

Nathan Beckley

Georgia Beight

Lily Bilston

Phoebe Bohl

Freddy Brancatisano

Poppy Brecon

Emogene Buckmaster-Gardiner

Zoe Burrows

Lily Cameron

Daniel Capon

Indi Carlyle-Monares

Tahlia Connor

Georgia Cooke

Ruby Cooke

Amelia Craigie

Paige Crawford


Emily Dehamer

Rohan Donaldson

Mackenzie Dornom

Ella Dosiak-Mills

Felicity Dosiak-Mills

Colleen Duyvestyn

Aiyanna Fernandoupulle

Mia Glynn

Tea Govers-Thomas

Jake Graetz

Tom Grima

Shannon Harvie

Alicia Hilton

Mia Hourdis

Emma Hutton

Lauren Hutton

Matilda Hyde

Lilah Jenkins

Gisele Le Miere

Matilda Leamon


Grace Leaver

Orlando Leon-Thomas

Clara MacPhie

Jack Maliszewski

Annabelle McComb

Samuel McComb

Kendall McLean

Sicili Mule

Anna Porto

Ruby Proy

Sophia Rauter

Maddy Seletto

Sienna Sparrow

Jade Stephenson

Kuba Szadura

Dannika Taylor

Jessie Thoppil

Samuel Westworth

Finn Whitty

Hollie Whitty


I think I repeat myself a little when I say this, but it remains true, whatever is your passion, whether the Arts, Sports, Academia or Social Justice, get involved here at Padua and you will find that opportunity to let your light shine!


Subject Selection

Other key events of the past week have been the Year 9 into Year 10 Subject Selection Evening and the College ECaT evening (Education Careers and Training). These nights provide a fantastic opportunity for our students to consider their future pathways as they move through the College. Similarly students in Year 8 will later have the chance to make subject selections for Year 9 in 2020, their first real chance to select subjects that specifically interest them, having had a chance to “taste” the different opinions throughout Years 7 & 8.

With so many choices we ask that students take these choices very seriously and do as much research as possible, talk with teachers, older brothers or sisters, parents, family friends who may have particular insight into a pathway or career option that is relevant.

I encourage all our students especially those on the cusp of entering the Senior Campus to do their own research on the options that are ahead.

Particularly for our Year 9 students, who are about to embark on a 3 year journey through the Senior Campus, incorporating studies in VCE, VET or VCAL;  have they done the RESEARCH?

The responsibility needs to sit with them to own the next part of their learning journey so they can make an informed choice and then own that choice, knowing that they are blessed to have the opportunities before them.


Wishing you all continued blessings.

Stephen Veneris
Deputy Principal | Head of 7-10 Campus Mornington