Vice Principals Report

The annual ECAT evening (Thursday 1 August) was run where Universities and other Institutions were on hand to answer any questions from parents and students about courses they provide. All Learning Areas were on display with the opportunity to discuss in depth the subjects with those staff that teach it. A great night in which for the many that attended was a very informative and helpful insight into planning for the future.

Many students this time of year can see themselves at the crossroads of their Year 12 studies. What we encourage all our students to do is persevere with their studies, consolidate or create the study habits required to be their best and make the most of the many opportunities that still remain to earn the marks they can achieve. What is being reinforced to all students is that they still have access to over 50% of the marks for each subject. For most subjects the exam is worth 50% of the subject score so every moment they make a wise choice can only benefit them further.

There are many additional learning enhancement sessions that are run by staff from a variety of learning areas that help consolidate and enhance the wonderful teaching that is alive in the classroom. There are posters around the school which give specific details and I encourage you as parents to ask your child about these sessions.

It has been a privilege to witness all students involved in the College production ‘The School of Rock’ which culminated in the sold out performances last week. What has been exciting to see is the Year 10-12 students who have committed their time amongst their studies to be involved in the production and working so closely with the younger students. I hope you were lucky enough to buy tickets to witness this wonderful production.  

The Year 10 and 11 students are now in the process of locking away their subject selections for 2020. This process is completed online and will form the timetable that we offer in 2020. It is essential that when these subject choices are made that they are made in consultation with the right people. Discussions with classroom teachers, parents, current Year 12 students and the careers team will help make an educated decision that best sets them up for success in 2020. These are due on Monday 12 August.

Term 3 again brings SIS sport to the Year 10-12 Campus. For our Year 12 students this is the final opportunity that is afforded to them to wear the Padua colours. I urge all parents to encourage your child to take up this opportunity as these occasions provide memories that last a lifetime. The school supports students partaking in such activities and works with the students in re-scheduling any assessment tasks.  Both senior girls and boys football teams have started off the season on a winning note with Callum McCracken (Yr 11) and Declan Cole (Yr 11) strong contributors and Kathryn Duke (Yr 11) and Aimee Carroll (Yr 11) both starring in their win. The boys basketball team won by 10 points with Bryce Phillipe (Yr 11) and Fletcher Wilson (Yr 11) leading the way.

All Year 12 students attended the T.R.A.G presentation in the last week of Term 2.  This was a confronting and emotional experience, the life-long messages that were delivered by emergency services workers was hard hitting but nothing in comparison to hearing from parents who had lost their own children in road accidents. Many students commented on the power of this presentation in ensuring safe driving habits are formed now. On return from the presentation the cohort gathered in the Chapel for a reflection in which students were prevailed the opportunity to light a candle for those in their thoughts. I am sure that your child would have discussed the presentation with you at home.


As always I encourage all parents to continue to be active members of the Padua community, engaging in conversation about what topics are being studied in class, keeping abreast of upcoming events and making contact with subject teachers as needed.

Curtis Stone
Vice Principal
Head of 10-12 Campus, Mornington