Wood Tech - Imogen Nastasi, Year 9 Cardijn

In Wood Tech this year we had the option to make a lamp. I wanted to make something different. I love animals and my dog Millie, so I wondered if it was possible to make a dog shaped lamp. I wasn’t sure how to make an interactive moving dog lamp. I got some design ideas from google and designed my lamp. I drew a template of the pieces I needed, transferred them to the wood I selected and cut them out by hand using a hand saw and sanded the edges to make them smooth. Then I assembled the head by using wood glue. To assemble the body and make the legs and neck move I measured where I needed to drill holes. I used the drill and secured the pieces together using a bolt, which enabled the legs and neck to be secured but also enabled them to be moved. I got a LED light which I needed to solder on the electrical cord. To finish it off I fixed the light inside using double sided tape and ran the cord through the bottom of the head where I drilled a hole. For the final checks I made sure the light worked and there were no rough edges. I am really happy with the way it’s turned out.

Imogen Nastasi, Year 9 Cardijn