Year 10 Work Experience

This term some of our Year 10 students planned their own Work Experience for a week and went out to experience a variety of workplaces. The following reports give details about their work experience and they offer advice to other students on the opportunity to explore new careers.

I went to Horse racing stables in Mt Eliza and they train and race horses to win races. Three things I learnt where I learnt were how to put a rug on a horse, walk horse and put clay on their front legs. I liked working with the horses the most as it was something different. Advice for future students would be go into the job with confidence and don't be shy. - Harry Douglas


I went to a primary school called Frankston Heights Primary and helped out with teaching preps through to year 6's in subjects mainly consisting of sport, science and reading with the preps. Throughout the experience i obtained some helpful skills such as speaking over loud groups, constructing classes and marking work up to the criteria needed. 

I enjoyed the entire week from start to finish, the main thing I enjoyed during the week was working with the preps, helping them read, write sentences, sounding out words while reading and writing, counting and constructing sums.

If there was any advice I would give to anyone pursuing a career in teaching like me and choosing to do work experience, to understand and see what the environment and average day would be constructed like. Is to just give it a go and don't be nervous and be confident during the week of experience. Take the opportunity while it's there! - Aiden Harrington


For work experience I went to work for future windows where we built windows and door frames. I learned how to polish, cut and sand big pieces of timber and how to put them together to create a frame. The part that I most enjoyed about work experience was that I got to use wood and turn it into something that was nice. If I had to give any advice for anyone going in for work experience I would say just try everything you can, but don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. - Sam Shrimpton


I went to Metropolitan food service and they store frozen and dry foods and deliver them to eg restaurant, schools, bakeries, nursing homes. I learned that you have to communicate when you work in a team environment.  I learnt business skills that would help persuade restaurants to buy of you, learnt how to put invoices through which will better my technology skills. I liked that this experience will help me in the future when I look for my own jobs. Be brave in brace what they have to say and take everything on board. - Noah Saracino


I worked in a factory with my dad. We built and put up frames. Some jobs we fixed or adjusted frames or beams. I learned how to build frames quickly. I also learned how to put the beams up. We also dyna bolted the frames to the ground. I would advise students to work with a parent or guardian. - Liam Sheldrick


I worked with my dad which is plumbing. He has his own business and he normally works by himself. I learnt how to put in a sink and all the pipes underneath it and I helped put in a toilet. I learnt how to cut the pipes and putting in a water gutter. I liked working with people in the work places. I liked doing hands on experience. My advice take everything it might come in handy one day. - Joshua Vince


For work experience I did building with a business called one to one construction. We worked in Mt Martha doing flooring in a big renovation on a house for 3 days. I learned how to make wedges out of wood to square concrete sleepers on day 4. I also learned how to put wooden flooring down in a house on day 1, 2 and 3. My favourite thing was just being a part of it. My advice is to talk with other workers to learn from them. - Beau Harper


For my work experience I went to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Crib Point. I helped out with the preps and year one classes for a week. I learnt that it takes a long time for preps to learn how to read, that it is good to ask questions and how to use a laminator. My favourite thing about work experience was all the birthday party food and spending time with the preps. I would advise someone doing work experience to keep busy and ask a lot of questions of your supervisor if you are unsure. - Bailey Thomson


For work experience I spent a week in Blairgowrie doing carpentry work with my dad. While I was doing this job I learnt how to set up stumps and supports for a deck. I learnt what it’s like to be at work instead being at school and what it feels like to be in a workplace. I learnt how to use different power tools such as a reciprocating saw, a nail gun and a cordless drill. Whilst I was at work experience my favourite part would’ve been building the supports for the deck. My advice to anyone going to do work experience is that they should make sure that they know what the job is about and make sure is something that they will enjoy. - Kel Smith