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As we do each year, we have tried our best to celebrate St Anthony’s Feast Day in the College community amidst the organisational challenges of exams, final assessments and reports. It is always a challenge to properly recognise the wonderful example of his life and teachings amidst such busy-ness, and I’m sure that St Anthony sees the irony, given his extensive academic knowledge and wisdom!

Happy St Anthony’s Feast Day to you all!



On Wednesday 19 June, the recently passed Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation became law in Victoria. In specific circumstances, the legislation allows those with a terminal illness in Victoria to enquire of a member of the medical profession to assist them to die. There are very prescribed limits to this, but it is the first time in Victoria that the taking of one’s life is legal in any circumstance.

This is obviously a highly emotive issue for many of us, but particularly those who are caring for someone in that circumstance at the moment, or have experienced the death of a loved one due to a long-standing and debilitating illness. Our experiences will greatly affect the way in which we consider this legislation and the moral implications it raises. Others of us will have strong religious or moral perspectives on such an issue.

The Catholic view on this legislation is very clear. There are no circumstances where it is OK to actively take a life because the preciousness of our God-given life can’t be given away. Those within the Church do not argue this glibly. There is a very real recognition of the pain and anguish that life-ending illnesses can have on both the patient and their loved ones. To support those in this circumstance, the Church invests significant resources into effective holistic palliative care in its hospitals and social services, and in pastoral care for the families involved.

If you would like to read the formal Victorian church statements and explore some of the broader dimensions of the debate, please go to …

As a College we are very conscious that the present community debate will be particularly difficult for some of our students and their families who may have been personally touched by these issues.

Please flag this with homeroom teachers, House Co-ordinators or others in the school community if you are at all concerned about your daughters, your sons or friends.

Michael Harrison
Vice Principal: Mission & Community