Schoolaerobics State Championship – 1st Place Winners!

Congratulations to our Tyabb Campus students listed below,  for placing 1st at the Schoolaerobics State Championship! The girls have been training before school and lunch times 3 times a week to perfect the routine for the event held last weekend. They will now travel to the Gold Coast to represent Padua College in the National Championships. We wish the girls the very best of luck at the Nationals!

* Emmylou Shannon, Year 9 Cardijn - Team Captain

* Abbie Newman, Year 7 Doyle

* Hannah Fletcher, Year 7 Geoghegan

* Layla Romai, Year 7 Doyle

* Lily Taylor, Year 7 Doyle

* Zoe Warmbrunn, Year 9 Doyle

* Olivia Laity, Year 9 Cardijn


Sarah Bailey

Schoolaerobics Coach