Deputy Principal's Report

SIS Cross Country

Congratulations to the Padua Cross Country Team (the Mornington component led by Mr Terry Luppino – Assistant Head of Campus). The Team have run and won the SIS Interschool Competition for the  32nd consecutive year!

Padua won the Junior, Intermediate and Senior shields along the way to winning the overall Trophy, well done to all involved. Your efforts continue a strong tradition at Padua. What many may not be aware of, is the training every Monday afternoon with staff and students pounding out the kilometres around the  Mornington Campus, through the Padua wetlands, rain, hail (well maybe not hail, that would be cruel) or shine! The lessons learnt on a Monday 3.30pm to 4.30pm on a Monday are powerful, in terms of commitment to a team and upholding the Padua motto, “Perseverance Conquers All”.


Caritas Coin Line

Congratulations to Romero House and Kolbe House for their recent Coin drive, combined our two Modern Church (Green Cluster) Houses raised over $1000 dollars which will go towards the work of Caritas which supports long-term development programs in impoverished communities in Africa, Asia, Indigenous Australia and the Pacific — helping oppressed people to rediscover their dignity by taking greater control over their lives and overcoming poverty. 

Well done to all involved particularly; Kolbe House Co-ordinator – Sinead Ryan and Kolbe Year 9 Captains, Grace Leaver and Nick Miller, as well as, Romero House Co-ordinator Michelle Dillon and Romero House Captains, Nick Quint and Chloe O’Shaughnessy. Please see some photos from the day in this report.


Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation Week was commemorated nationwide from 27 May through to 3 June. During this week all Homerooms on the 7-9 Mornington Campus participated in Reconciliation prayer services during morning homeroom aimed at developing a depth of understanding and solidarity with the first peoples of our ancient continent. Sincere thanks the Homeroom Teacher, RE and Faith Team for guiding our young people as they develop their understanding around the issues of Reconciliation and Recognition. Below are some images which adorned our Chapel doors during the week.

 End of Semester – Student Assessments

As we move into the time of year which is traditionally busy in terms of student assessment, with tests and assignments being due, it may be worth us recalling the point of our young people’s endeavours and why we need to support them especially at this time.

“Human life is like a spider web.

If you touch it anywhere, you set the whole thing trembling.

The life that I touch will touch another life, and that in turn another,

Until who knows where the trembling stops or in

What far place and time my touch will be felt.

Our lives are linked.

No man, no woman, is an island”

Nelson Mandela, 1986

Nelson Mandela and 16th Century poet John Donne were onto something when they realised and articulated the connectedness of all life. Here at Padua we can see the same concept represented in the Three Padua Ideas:

1. Do your best

2. Help others achieve

3. Respect environment and community

The truth of this connectedness may not be apparent to all, especially our young people, but for me it is obvious, as we move through this period of assessment and our Senior Students begin their Examination period.

When I think about the progress we have made in science and in particular medicine, I say a prayer of thanks for all the researchers, doctors and nurses who over many years have refined and improved standards of care. Today many illnesses and diseases which only a generation ago had a very poor prognosis, today have much higher survival rates and improved quality of life. This very real improvement is directly linked to the commitment to excellence of succeeding academics, each one who has built upon the work of those who have gone before them. (Do we celebrate these academic and researchers as much as we celebrate our Sports or TV/Movie/YouTube stars? ...We should!)

So now we pass on the challenge to the next generation. We need our young people to “Do your best” so that they can make the world a better place…not just via their studies, (of course not all our young people can work in the field of medical care or research) but whatever field of endeavour; sports, arts, social outreach…do your best. Because as Nelson Mandela knew we are all connected and whatever you do will impact another and another and another.

So especially for our Year 7-9 students as they complete their current block of assessment, but also do your best in all that you do, because you do not know where that spider web will stop trembling…

Wishing you all continued blessings.