Masterclass in Chemistry Showcase Evening

On Monday 27 May, our Masterclass students together with their dedicated families, braved the cold wet weather to attend the Masterclass Showcase Evening. This provided the students the opportunity to show their families what they had learnt throughout the month of May. The Masterclass consisted of Year 6 students from Our Lady of Fatima and Rosebud Primary, along with  our Year 7 students.

The students were able to discuss and perform practical activities with their families that focussed on the  following:

* how a low PH of popular drinks can affect tooth enamel

* the amount of iron present in different breakfast cereals

* endothermic and exothermic reactions

* growing of crystals using dolomite rocks

I would like to thank the following people for their support throughout the course of the Masterclasses. Firstly to Mrs Deb Gerner our laboratory technician, Mrs Felicity Callaghan, Mr Jim Baird and Mr Phil Helisma. Without your assistance and support, these types of activities just wouldn’t happen.

Lisa Modd
Learning and Pedagogy Leader - Rosebud
Assistant Learning Area Leader – Science Rosebud