ADHD Explained

Professor Alasdair Vance, head of Academic Child Psychiatry Unit at the Royal Children's Hospital will discuss all things ADHD at a presentation to be held on Wednesday 29th May, starting at 7.00pm at the Rosebud Secondary College Theatre, 245 Eastbourne Road Rosebud.

Alasdair will share his knowledge on the following:

*What is ADHD

*The three presentations of ADHD and what they can look like
- Hyperactive - Impulsive presentation
- Inattentive presentation (ADD)
- Combined presentation

*How ADHD presents differently in boys and girls, kids and teens
*Common misconceptions and stereotypes
*Challenging and impulsive behaviours - why they occur
*The impact of ADHD on learning
*The role of medication
*When anxiety looks like ADHD

Tickets are $23 and can be purchased online at:  BOOKINGS - ADHD Explained

Please see the attached flyer for more information on this event.

ADHD Flyer

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