The School of Rock – Production Camp

After our two day Production Camp at Lord Somers we are ready to SHOUT it to the world that we have something very exciting coming to Padua, July 25-27… School of Rock!!

Camp was AWESOME!!

We worked solidly for two days and one night, only pausing from rehearsal for a student led camp concert where the singing, dancing, acting and playing continued into the night. Needless to say, there were no problems at lights out as our cast and staff team were all “rocked out”.

All this work cemented Act 1, as well as many new friendships. There was loads of fun and laughter along the way.

A very big thank you the Staff Production team for giving up their class and family time to support our wonderful cast and band of 127 students.

I’d like to acknowledge the real rock stars themselves - the students. They were so focused and ready to work. It was simply mind blowing!! In particularly our humble and most talented Mega Rock Star Alex Roberts in the Jack Black role of Dewy Finn.

July 25-27: Save the dates!

Tickets on sale Monday 27 May at 9.30am

Rock On!

Production Camp


Kylie Donnelly