Director of Campus Report

Year 8 Excel - Wellbeing Day

"On Monday 13 May all Year 8s from across the three campuses joined together at the Don Bosco Camp for a Positive Education day. There were four different activities that each cluster experienced, based on Leadership, Faith, What’s Normal and Team Building. Each cluster took part in two activities on the day and will participate in the other two activities later in the year. I was involved in the Leadership and Faith. I really enjoyed the outing. Both activities were interesting and I enjoyed them a lot." Kate McInnes, Year 8 Anthony

"I participated in the Team Building and ‘What’s Normal’ activities. The story behind ‘What’s Normal’ was fun and interesting and the team building activities were fun games which we played with our groups. Everybody got involved and met new friends and had fun. I am looking forward to going back."  Shelby Legh, Year 8 Teresa

Surfing Competition

"On Monday 13 May Padua competed in the SIS Victorian Surfing School Titles at Smiths Beach in Philip Island. It was a great day with waves around 5 feet and offshore winds. There was approximately 8-10 schools that competed and our overall result for the Padua mixed team was 4th. It was a really fun experience and I got to meet new people and surf really fun waves with only 2-4 people out. We arrived at the beach at 8:30am with a 9:30am start. We all had heaps of fun and it was a great experience. Thanks to the staff and parents involved."  Sarsha Pancic, Year 8 Goold

Cross Country Camp

"On Wednesday 8 May, we left school for Cross Country Camp at 9:15 and went straight to Sorrento where we did a beautiful run along the cliff tops. We then spent an hour and a half in Sorrento for lunch which was fun. After that we went to the camp and did a jog along the track we would be doing for the time trial the next day. That night we watched a movie called 'McFarland USA' (a movie about cross country) before going to bed. The second day we did a time trial in the morning. Then we went to the hot springs. That was really good because we got to have a really relaxing break before more running. When we came back we did some of the camp activities which included obstacle courses and archery. That evening we had the award night (which I personally think was the most fun thing we did over the camp). On the Friday it was too wet to do another time trial so instead we did a really nice run along the foreshore near McCrae. I've been on cross country camp twice and I have thoroughly enjoyed it both times." Alexandra Fancett, Year 8 Goold

School Tours

"Tarron Katramados and I helped out with a school tour of the Rosebud Campus. This was an enjoyable tour talking to past, present and future parents of Padua College. There were lots of parents and children from many different primary schools, there were Grade 5 and 6 children. We talked a lot about different key features of the Rosebud Campus. Mr Helisma made sure that we showed our perspective of the school. Overall I enjoyed taking part in helping with the tours."  Kate McInnes, Year 8 Anthony

Year 9 Aspire

One of the Focus Week activities is Think Global, Act Local. This experience invites students to become aware of their local environment, with the aim of understanding the complexities of the biological and human impacts that effect the environment. Students are set the challenge of collecting data about the marine environment on the Mornington Peninsula and researching how human influences have affected the environment. Students collected and analysed data at many of the marine locations around the Peninsula. An important part of the week included learning how to use scientific equipment to collect data.

Yr 9 Aspire Rosebud

 Jim Baird

Jim Baird
Co Director Rosebud Campus

Phillip Helisma

Phillip Helimsa
Co Director Rosebud Campus