Year 8 SIS Girls Football

The Tyabb Year 8 Girls Football team went into their first match with a lot of unanswered questions hanging over them. Having come together only the week before and with only 2 training sessions to go by, we didn’t know what to expect from the girls in an actual game, especially since less than half the team had ever played a real game of football before.

Because of our lack of football experience and the newness of the team, the coaches, along with their assistants Jaz Nichols and Tara Quinn, decided to stack the backline with experienced players and throw our fast runners into the midfield. From the start our girls looked ready for the challenge and after some initial nervousness, they got down to business and worked hard for the ball and for each other. An early goal from Harriet Weideman lifted the girls' spirits and they never looked back, piling on another 2 goals from Jess Ellery and Amelia Jones to finish the quarter well on top of their opponents, St Peters.

Since our girls had been so dominant in the first quarter, several of our girls down back hadn’t had a chance to get involved. So for the 2nd quarter we flipped the team, throwing all the defenders forward and all the forwards back just to see how they would go. As it turned out they went very well, with Tyabb kicking another 3 goals through Sara Paonetti and Ella Jacob, and the team was looking in complete control. Every girl on the field was getting involved and following team rules perfectly. The speed with which they moved the ball was impressive, and although often the ball was on the ground, the girls stuck to our strategy of one handball then a long kick to keep the ball moving towards our goal.

After half time we continued to rotate players through the bench as well as giving everyone a go up forward and down back. The only problem for us was Milla Ashton cramping in both calves in the 3rd quarter which saw her day end, but she showed that she is an emerging force in the ruck. Tyabb’s great play saw the mercy rule enforced to assist St Peters, but it made little difference as the girls slotted 3 goals from Indi Kennedy, Jess Ellery and Kirra Pusch in the 3rd quarter and another 5 from Sara, Indi, Harriet and Jordan Miller in a barnstorming final term.

Tyabb finished the game with great contributions from every girl making in what was an outstanding team effort, and the girls thoroughly deserved their massive 14 – 4 – 88 to 0 – 1 – 1 victory over St Peters. Choosing a “best on ground” was too difficult for the coaches and while it could have gone to almost any number of girls, in the end we couldn’t separate 2 of them. Jess Ellery, who was a gun in the midfield and used the ball with silky skills as well as hitting the scoreboard with 2 early goals. The other stand out was Sara Paonetti who worked tirelessly and finished the day with 4 goals despite only spending half the game in the forward line.
Needless to say, the Padua song was sung with great gusto.

Yr8 SIS Football