Vice Principal's Report

As we are now fast approaching the end of term one, we all must wonder where the time has gone. 2019 started at a frenetic pace on the 10-12 Campus and the students are to be congratulated on the manner in which they have commenced the school year. It seems like only last week that we had 1,163 students in the hall on the first day of school, where I challenged all students to meet the high expectations in all that is Padua. We don’t shy away from setting high standards for our students, supporting them in reaching theses standards or lending a hand to lift them up if they fall short.

Padua has embraced positive education because we recognise the increased need to educate our students about their own wellbeing and give them the tools for optimal human functioning. Our positive education program is called eXcel which stands for: E= Engage; X= Student and Faith; C= Connect; E= Enable; and L = Learn.

This term, our eXcel program has been focused on connection and teamwork. The students have had the opportunity to work through a variety of different team activities learning from each other and increasing their own resilience.

All Year 10, 11 and 12 students are now firmly settled into their subject pathways. As always we invite students to be the managers of their learning and proactively seek the support of their subject teachers. Learning is an ongoing journey where we develop skills and knowledge for future endeavours. Year 11 VCE students have participated in a study skills seminar and VCE forum, and the Year 12 English Lecture Series has just begun. Building skills in organisation and setting short-term goals can assist in managing those periods of high stress when assessments build up. Time taken to set up study timetables is highly recommended. A reminder to all our senior students to continue to liaise with Mr Pearce and Mrs Sugameli and keep them informed of any support you may need as the year progresses. Finally, as we now approach the end of term one, we ask that all students take time to reflect on their learning goals from term one and set new targets for term two.

VCAL students have been finalising their work placements and heading out into industry, making contacts and gaining valuable experience. In Year 11, VCAL students have spent time studying leadership styles and preparing presentations contrasting the achievements and qualities of significant leaders. The Year 12 VCAL students have been focusing on how to coach and train others, running their own lessons and attempting to measure the efficacy of their coaching skills. In the Year 10 Applied Learning Program, students have each designed their own self-interest project focussed around a personal goal to develop a new skill, whilst also exploring occupations of interest and working on resumes to help them secure work experience later in the year.

As always I encourage all parents to continue to be active members of the Padua community, engaging in conversation about what topics are being studied in class, keeping abreast of upcoming events and making contact with subject teachers as needed.

We ask that parents are considerate of the neighbours that live in the streets surrounding the campus by not parking in these streets to collect their children after school. We have developed a student pick up process that allows for busses, cars and pedestrians to exit the College grounds safely and in a timely manner. This process directs traffic through the property across the road and then into the campus grounds to collect students. Parking in the surrounding streets makes it difficult for local residents to access their homes and we ask for your consideration in this matter.

Curtis Stone
Vice Principal
Head of 10-12 Campus, Mornington