Fun with Grammar? Year 7 Cardijn English

For most of us, the words grammar and fun might not be synonymous. However, the English Learning Area is doing it’s best to make grammar accessible and 'hands on' for students. So what is the recipe for grammatical fun? It’s simple really: macaroni, food colouring and Blu Tac. Sounds messy, chaotic and lots of fun. And yes it was!

Students in Year 7 Cardijn experimented with this 'grammatical fun'. First they explored what an apostrophe was and how it should be used (hint: when contracting a word or showing possession). Then they used the coloured macaroni to correctly place the ‘macaroni apostrophes’ on their work with Blu Tac to hold them in place. One of the reasons for using Blu Tac instead of glue was so that if any corrections needed to be made it was easy to do so. This activity was also replicated to teach commas with equally rewarding results.

The students were very engaged and really found the activity memorable. Student comments included: “because I was learning with my hands it really made sense” and “I really feel that I will remember how to use apostrophes”. Sometimes 'hands on' learning can seem to be difficult  in a more traditional subject like English. However, with a little macaroni, food colouring and Blu Tac everyone can experience their own ‘grammatical fun’.


Sarah Bath
English Learning Area Leader