Vice Principal's Report

The last two weeks have seen the College take full possession of the Whyte Senior Learning Centre. It has been exciting to see the students make wonderful use of the facility in the new classrooms with flexible furniture, open and closed study spaces and the kitchen. Students are using these facilities before school, during recess and lunch and after school which was at the heart of our planning in designing this new space. The significant cultural shift that has been developing over recent years is now more visible than ever and one that is contagious amongst the student body.

Units 1 & 3 are well and truly underway with students juggling their time to manage the multiple SACs that are now upon them. Your child should be consulting their SAC calendars and preparing for assessment accordingly. Please encourage the development of a study routine and consult with subject teachers if you have concerns. The manner in which students studying Unit 3 subjects this year has been outstanding and we as a College will continue to encourage all students to work to the best of their ability. 

Our Year 10 students have now had 6 weeks to transition into being a part of the Year 10-12 Campus. The expectation of all students on the Year 10-12 Campus is that time spent in class is used productively. This is shown with respect for all students being afforded the opportunity to learn and staff are afforded the opportunity to teach. It has been great to see in excess of 150 Year 10 students partaking in VCE Unit 1 studies and making the most of the opportunities that are presented to them.

The largest ever VCAL program that the College has supported started the year exceptionally well. The many VET programs and work placements that  students undertake come together in the classroom where many group based activities are completed. The sharing of ideas and planning for the many team based assessments is indicative of the skills developed from being part of the workforce. 

This year has seen the College continue to build on the Positive Education approach that began last year. The implementation of the eXcel period each week provides further opportunity for the students to engage in non-curriculum activities.  This term the focus is on ‘connecting’ with staff and peers that students share time with. The research shows that the power of a positive mindset in conjunction with meaningful relationships benefits the students in all areas of life.   

The Padua College uniform is one that when worn in its entirety is a uniform that not only looks good but also provides a sense of belonging for your child. The enforcement of the uniform policy by all staff is in support of the vast majority of students that wear the uniform the way in which it is intended. Your ongoing support of ensuring your child wears the uniform as expected is greatly appreciated.  

As always I encourage all parents to continue to be active member of the Padua community, engaging in conversation about what topics are being studied in class, keeping abreast of upcoming events such as the Year 12 Formal, Padua Day (Tuesday 2 April) and making contact with subject teachers as needed.

Curtis Stone
Vice Principal
Head of 10-12 Campus, Mornington