Faith News


Last week the Catholic Church as well as other Christian churches in our community, began the Season of Lent with Ash Wednesday. As a Catholic school community, we too gathered on our campuses to reflect on the meaning of Lent and to symbolically mark ourselves with ashes to remind ourselves of those things that we get wrong in our lives, and to reflect on the ways we can improve.

Our College chapel, the Chapel of St Francis of Assisi, on our Mornington Campus has a vine growing at its entrance. Each October the vine is trimmed and the cuttings from the vine are used to build Bunjil’s nests on each campus, which are a central symbol of our Advent celebrations. In turn these nests are burned, and the ashes produced are used each year to mark the foreheads of those within the college community on Ash Wednesday. It is a wonderful symbol of new life being born from the old, and is reflected in this blessing of the ashes at our Liturgy:


Forgiving God,

We ask you to bless these ashes today.

Once they were the life of the earth,

vibrant growing reminders of your love and creativity.

Now, as ash and dust, they remind us of the cycle of life,

where those things that fall to the earth

create, in turn, a new space for life to begin.

As we are blessed by these ashes today,

we pray that this might be the truth of our lives -

that the mistakes we make and the life that we let fall

might create in us a sacred space from which new life can grow.

We ask this in the name of Jesus,

whose death and resurrection brings us to new life.     



Once again I would like to recognise all members of the College Faith Team for their leadership of these important Liturgies, and would especially like to thank the students and staff who so generously engage as readers and in the distribution of ashes. The reverence that characterises these Liturgies is always humbling and inspiring. Thank you!

Michael Harrison
Vice Principal: Mission & Community