Catholic Action Program

"My visit to Rosebrook was very interesting and entertaining. At first I was nervous and scared of old people but after a while I got used to it and had a good chat to everyone there. Everyone shared their life stories and just small talk. At the start they were playing bingo then they had lunch and we sat with them. I talked to Jan, I enjoyed my first visit and can’t wait to go back." – Eliza Tucker, Year 9 McAuley

"Last Friday I went to 39+ and the people I mostly talked to when I was there were older people. We spoke  about what jobs they did when they were growing up and about their lifestyle when there were younger. We had to fill out this booklet about them for the people there to find out more about them." – Zara Garby, Year 9 Teresa

"The venue I went to was GenU. I spoke to the workers there. We mainly talked about what we were cooking because it was quite busy due to trying to get things done. We baked choc chip cookies and Anzac cookies. It was great to see how the kitchen functions and awesome to be involved in it." – Meg Noseda, Year 9 McAuley

"Myself and my group went to GenU also known as the soup kitchen, a group of three made ANZAC biscuits and another group of us made choc chip cookies. I was in the group that made chocolate cookies, it was lots of fun. I was a bit nervous at first but about 15-20 minutes in, it was good fun and I was not nervous at all. I spoke to the workers and people who would cook the food, one of them I can't remeber his name had Down Syndrome and he was very funny and was very positive about everything. It was a good experience and I'm looking forward to doing it again." - Lochie Lee, Year 9 McAuley

Joanna Goldsmid
Teresa House Co-ordinator