Padua students excel in VCE Systems Engineering

Six students achieved a study score at or above 40 in 2018. This makes Padua College equal first in the State for the school with the most students with scores in the forties. Padua also had two students short listed for the VCE Top Designs, with Nic Dellaportas being selected to have his work displayed at this prestigious event.

These fantastic results are well deserved and are due to the hard work and extra classes that all the students did in achieving their personal goals. The average result for the class was a study score of 36, which is exceptional.

Currently we have several students who have been accepted into Monash, RMIT, and Swinburne University to do Engineering.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Mr Simon Dick (Physics) and Mr Steven Sosic (Information Technology) for assisting the students with their expert knowledge in their respective fields and showing an interest in each of the student’s projects.