Dear Parents/Guardians & Students,

Response to Cardinal Pell Legal Decision

As most families in our Padua community would know, Cardinal George Pell, a past archbishop of Melbourne, has been found guilty of child sexual abuse committed in the 1990s. Cardinal Pell has not as yet been sentenced, and has made it known he will appeal the finding. No matter what our personal view or reaction to this specific verdict is, we need to continue to respect the legal process as the case works its way through the courts.

However we are very conscious that this decision re-opens very recent wounds for those who have been affected by sexual assault within the Church. We continue to pray in solidarity for those victims and for those who care for them in their distress, and often despair.

So many of us have been profoundly disappointed and angered by the actions of some within our Church, both the perpetrators and the leaders who turned a blind eye. Our hope can only be that the basic goodness of so many dedicated people who provide such care and compassion in their work in Catholic parishes, schools, hospitals, social service agencies and many other ministries can humbly guide our Church into a better future, to be a resurrected Church more closely created in the image of Jesus.

Staff News

Mrs Keren Mooney will be leaving the College in the coming weeks to take up another position and this week we welcomed Ms Michelle Webb-Smith who will be taking over the role of Senior Campus Learning Enhancement Co-ordinator. Last week we also welcomed Ms Kelly Meikle to the Tyabb Campus who is in a job-share arrangement with Ms Dana Killmister in the Tyabb Campus Learning Enhancement Co-ordinator role. Kelly is replacing Mrs Kat Tewman who has been appointment as the College Director of Learning Enhancement. Also in the area of Learning Enhancement we welcome the following Learning Support Officers to the College: Jack Rolfe (T), Miss Natasha Albers (M), Miss Sheree Bellert (M), Mrs Jo Parton (M) and Ms Kate Wilson (M). We also welcome Mrs Charlene Smith to the Mornington Campus for the remainder of the 2019 school year.

We extend our best wishes to Mr Bart Ryan (College Head of Maintenance) as he recovers from recent shoulder surgery. Mr Scott Chapman has taken over Bart’s duties in his absence and I also thank Scott for taking on these additional duties. Mrs Mel Kenyon (M) will be taking leave for the remainder of the year and I congratulate Mr Steve Sosic on his appointment to the role of Mannix House Co-ordinator. Mrs Bree Colcott (T) has also commenced Parental Leave and we extend or best wishes to her.


Commencement Eucharist

The Commencement Eucharist last week was once again a beautiful celebration and I thank the College Faith Team, lead by Mr Michael Harrison, for their preparation of the Mass. I also wish to thank our celebrating priests, Fr Laurie Pearson and Fr Ian Mackintosh. All Year 7 students as well as any other new students to the College and all school leaders were expected to be in attendance at the Mass and it was wonderful to also see a number of other families attending this important celebration to start our school year.


Whyte Senior Learning Centre

Next week we will take occupation of the new Whyte Senior Learning Centre – this is truly an exciting time for our Year 10 -12 students and staff. Partial occupation (of the bottom floor) was taken last week but we are now looking forward to occupying the top two floors and enjoying this wonderful new facility. There is still work to be completed to the exterior of the building and with the landscaping of the courtyard, however classes are taking place, staff offices are occupied and all students will have access to their lockers from Monday. The consensus is that it has been worth the wait! I wish to thank students, staff and parents for their patience and understanding during this time of transition.


Twilight Open Days and Year 7 2021 Enrolments

Next week we have the first two Opening Evenings for the College. Enrolments for Year 7 2021 will open on Tuesday 5 March which is also the day of the first of our three Twilight Open Evenings. These evening will take place at each Campus from 4.00pm – 7.00pm as follows:


Rosebud Campus                              Tyabb Campus                                    Mornington Campus

Tuesday 5 March                                  Thursday 7 March                                Thursday 14 March

Details regarding Year 7 2021 enrolment will be available on the College website from 5 March.

Anthony Banks