Work Experience

All Year 10 students are offered the opportunity to participate in Work Experience to try an industry area that they may be interested in pursuing a career.  In the last Paduan you were able to see some of the 2018 Year 10 students in their work places, the article below gives a first-hand account of what the experience was like.

As mentioned in the last issue of the Paduan, if you or one of your contacts are able to offer a work experience or placement opportunity to a Padua student please send through the contact details to

SPARKLES AND GLITTER: my experience at kinder by Breanna Dakin

“Children are full of life, purely innocent, with no responsibilities, only happiness and bliss. As children grow up into teenagers they develop a new look at life as suddenly heavy responsibilities, duties and deadlines to be met. I undertook work experience at a local kindergarten for a week in December 2018 and with each day came a new story. Giggles, and grins were shared as Christmas activities created a festive atmosphere that was intoxicating. Glitter was everywhere as festive decorations were coated in red, silver and gold resulting in a mountain of sparkles on the miniature desks. Gossip was shared as one student told me about her boyfriend as she giggled at the idea. Others presented to me their best friend which was an everlasting friendship they planned on keeping "forever and ever". Although it was clear that all the students got along fairly well there was a dispute between two friends resulting in a shockingly serious threat of a withdrawn invitation to a 5th birthday party. Luckily these arguments were resolved rather quickly as both boys were friends again within ten minutes.

It was quite fascinating to assist at the kindergarten for the week as it really makes you consider how simple life is at such a young age. Being around children who have such an eagerness for life automatically makes you equally energized. Without any harm, challenges, responsibilities, concerns, and stereotypes infecting these young minds, it's amazing to see how innocent, honest and joyful a child's life is. The children’s loving parents collected them after school, and throughout the day the teachers expressed devotion and enthusiasm towards their job. It was marvellous to witness and understand how each of us can help a future generation grow into the leaders of tomorrow.”

Claire Stipic

Careers Counsellor