Careers News

Welcome back to 2019!  The Careers Team are looking forward to working with students across this year.  If at any stage you or your child would like to meet with a Careers Advisor please get in touch with the Careers Office.  The Careers Advisors will be working with the House clusters as detailed below:

* Mercy Church cluster (Blue houses) – Mrs Shannon Maher

* Franciscan Church cluster (Yellow houses) – Mrs Leanne Milne

* Modern Church cluster (Green houses) – Miss Claire Stipic

* Australian Church cluster (Red houses) – Mrs Kate Kerr

During Term 1 we will be making appointments to meet with all Year 12 students regarding their pathways beyond this year.


Work Placement Opportunities

We have a number of students during the year who do work placements or work experience.  

* Work placements can involve either working with an employer a day per week or blocks of a week in the school holidays.

* Work experience is usually a block of days in the school holidays or at the end of the school year.

Often students find it difficult to find an employer who is willing to take them on so we are hoping the Padua College community may be able to help.


If you own or work with a company or have a friend or relative who may be in a position to take on a student either short or long term could you please send details to Claire Stipic in the Careers Office at so we can have a database of employers.  Please advise a contact name, Company name, contact phone and email and the industry the company is involved in.

Please don’t think no one would be interested in your field, as we have students interested in everything from trades like, Carpentry, Plumbing and Electrical to Hair & Beauty, Hospitality, Fashion, Real Estate, Law, Mechanical, Graphic Arts, working with Animals or IT  just to name a few.

Claire Stipic
Applied Learning and Careers Office