Homework Club

The Tyabb Homework Club offers students the opportunity to work in a quiet, supervised environment, with guidance and assistance from staff.

Homework Club runs from 3.30 - 4.30pm each Wednesday in Rooms 6 – 8. There are many benefits on offer for our students. Students from across all year levels are able to receive guidance to complete homework, projects and/or assignments and gain specialised assistance to help understand subject content.

Students who choose to attend Homework Club will need to adhere to the following guidelines;

1. Follow school-wide expectations in terms of doing their best, helping others achieve and being respectful at all times.

2. Arrive on time and sign-in.

3. Bring all necessary materials required to complete homework.

4. No student will be excused before 4.30pm without a note from a parent or guardian.

Students are expected to meet all of the above guidelines in order to retain the opportunity to attend Homework Club.


Ryan Gingell
Learning and Pedagogy Leader - Tyabb