Dear Parents/Guardians & Students,

Welcome to all members of our community as we commence the 2019 school year. I particularly welcome all new students and their families to the College along with our new staff colleagues for 2019. Our annual College Theme for this year is ‘Hope - where there is despair, let me sow Hope’.


College Opening Assembly and Year 12 2018 Academic Awards

On Tuesday 12 February we had a wonderful day of celebrations for our College Community. The College Opening Assembly took place at the Mornington Campus, with students and staff from all campuses coming together to gather under the one roof.

We began with a heartfelt welcome to all the Year 7 students, who stood up in their House Clusters and were applauded. The look on their faces said it all, in understanding their sense of belonging to our community. The nature in which the 8-12 students welcomed the Year 7s was most pleasing, and there was a palpable sense of togetherness.

We formally began the Assembly in prayer and Acknowledgement of Country, led by the students. It was a wonderful way of setting the context for our Catholicity and our Annual Theme of Hope. This was followed by the National Anthem.

The address by our 2019 College Captains demonstrated the remarkable young people we work with every day and how they can be our inspiration.

We then presented the 2018 Academic Awards, acknowledging the personal achievements and successes of our VCE High Achieving Students (see list below). It was the perfect opportunity for all our students to witness, first hand, the successes of the Class of 2018. Will McHenry’s College Dux speech spoke volumes about his time here and what he has learned. We hope to publish an edited version of his speech soon.

To finish, we had a rousing rendition of the College Song. It is a huge undertaking but well worth the effort to have a full College Assembly to enable the Year 7 students to be welcomed by the entire College Community and so that all students can witness, first hand, the successes of the 2018 High Achievers. Hopefully they will have the seeds of aspiration planted in their minds and hearts as well.


Year 12 Retreats

Our Year 12 Students started the year by heading straight off to their three day retreat on Wednesday 30 January. Staff and students had a wonderful time from all reports! These retreats enable our Year 12 students to deepen their individual faith/spirituality; reflect on the young people they are and are becoming; and continue to build on and strengthen relationships with fellow students and College staff.

My sincere thanks to Senior House Co-ordinators, the Religious Education/Faith Staff, Home Room Teachers and all staff involved, as well as the students who attended, for their participation in the retreats.


Parent Information Evenings/House Welcome Evenings

Last week we had the Year 10 – 12 Information Evening at the Mornington Campus. This week all three of our Year 7 – 9 Campuses held House Welcome Evenings. It has been pleasing to meet so many parents and hear the stories of the wonderful start their children have had to the school year. I thank parents for their attendance and involvement in these evenings, and I also thank Heads of Campus, Learning & Pedagogy Leaders, Student Wellbeing and Growth Leaders, House Co-ordinators, Directors of VCAL and Careers and VET Leaders along with Homeroom Teachers for their work in preparing for these evenings.


Launch of the Year 9 Program Aspire9

Last Friday we launched the Aspire9 Program for 2019 at Seawinds at Arthurs Seat. Under the guidance of Mark DeFazio, Director of Aspire9 and the three Year 9 Program Leaders at each 7-9 Campus, the students participated in a symbolic walk from different locations to the one destination where we celebrated liturgy and shared lunch.


Commencement Eucharist

The Commencement Eucharist for the College will be held on Thursday 21 February 2019 at 7.30 pm at the Mornington Campus. All Year 7 students (from each Campus) and any new Year 8 to 12 students (from each Campus) are expected to attend this important opening celebration of the 2019 school year, along with all student leaders from Year 8 to 12. All other students and their families are most welcome to attend. A message will be sent to all families via CareMonkey and I ask that you respond to that message to indicate your attendance.


Whyte Senior Learning Centre

I am delighted to inform you that we will begin our much anticipated possession of the Whyte Senior Learning Centre at the beginning of next week. We will take possession of the bottom floor (lecture theatre, classrooms, student lockers, and student amenities, administration and staff offices) by next Monday, with the other two levels to follow shortly after.

This will mean that each senior student with have access to a locker by next Monday and will be able to begin to enjoy the amazing facilities.

I must thank all students and parents for your understanding and flexibility at this time. I am looking forward to seeing the Whyte Senior Learning Centre in full operation in the coming weeks.


Mobile Phone Policy

I wish to thank parents and families for their support in the implementation of the Mobile Phone Policy this year. I would like to take this opportunity to remind both students and parents that mobile phones can be brought to school, though they are to remain in lockers throughout the day. Any mobile phones being used throughout the school day will be confiscated.



A reminder to all members of the Padua College community that the College Uniform is expected at all times. The College Uniform policy can be found in the Student Learning Journal and on the College website. I ask all parents and guardians to make themselves familiar with these regulations and support us in ensuring that your child is wearing our College uniform correctly. Students breaching uniform policy will be required to attend detentions after school.


Year 7 2020 Enrolments

Please be aware that enrolments for Year 7 2020 have closed and interviews for enrolled students will be conducted later this year with the students in Grade 6 2019. If you have a current Grade 6 2019 student who is not already enrolled or on College waiting lists, you should contact Mrs Lisa Jordan, Enrolment Registrar, immediately.


Year 7 2021 Enrolments & Twilight Open Days

Enrolments for Year 7 2021 will open on Tuesday 5 March which is also the day of the first of our three Twilight Open Days at the College. The Open Evenings will run from 4.00pm – 7.00pm as follows:

Rosebud Campus Tuesday 5 March

Tyabb Campus   Thursday 7 March 

Mornington Campus   Thursday 14 March

Details regarding Year 7 2021 enrolment will be available on the College website from 5 March.


School Photographs

School photographs have been taken at the all three Campuses. On photo day students received a flyer with their name and an individual code on it.  For all photo orders, please refer to this flyer and use your child’s individual code. ALL queries about photo orders are to be dealt directly with by Arthur Reed Photos (ARP). For any further assistance, please ring the ARP customer service number (03) 5243 4390. Photographs will be delivered to the school approximately four weeks after photo day and come with Arthur Reed’s ‘Unconditional Money Back Guarantee’.


Padua Staff Contacts

Padua College works in partnership with parents, recognising families as the prime educator of their children. During the year, parents should feel free to contact the relevant staff if they require help or advice. Please access the list of Staff Contacts for 2019, available on the College website as a PDF titled “Staff Contacts” at this link:


Staffing News


* Congratulations to Bridie Larkins (M) on the birth of baby Rafael before Christmas;

* Congratulations to Mrs Liz (M) and Mr Brian Filgate (R) on the birth of Ava in the new year;

* Congratulation to Mrs Brigitte Hamilton on the birth of baby Thomas early in the new year;

* Congratulations to Mrs Chelsea Holmes (T) on the birth of baby Xanthe recently


Condolences and Prayers:

* Condolences to Mr Mick Little (T) on the passing of his mother before Christmas

*Condolences to Mr Bruce Virgona (R) on the passing of his mother in December


Staffing for 2019

Congratulations to the following staff on their appointments to positions in Learning Enhancement:

Director of Learning Enhancement:

Kat Trewin

College Learning Enhancement Administrator:

Jane Keating

Campus Learning Enhancement Mornington Senior:

Libby Grech

Campus Learning Enhancement Mornington Junior:

Leigh O’Neill & Teresa Newman

Campus Learning Enhancement Rosebud:

Felicity Callaghan

Campus Learning Enhancement Tyabb:

Sally Cooper & Wendy Williams


Staff commencing Leave at the start of 2019:

* Liz Filgate (M – 12 months Maternity Leave)

* Chelsea Holmes (12 months Maternity Leave)

* Marnie Kavanagh (12 months LWOP)

* Chris Main (M – 5 weeks LSL)

* Kay O’Day (R – 6 months LSL)


Staff Returning from Leave for 2019:  

* Karen Templeton (M – LSL)

* Ginnie Roberts-Burgess (M – LSL)

* Ciara Roberts (M – Maternity Leave)


Staff Members who remain on leave from the College for the start of 2019

* Michael Eason

* Bridie Larkins (Maternity Leave, returning Term 2)

* Tara McGarry (Maternity Leave, returning Term 2)


Campus Transfers 2019:

To Mornington

* Tony Anderson

* Natalie Beattie

* Greg Bradbury

* Rochelle Bradbury

* Claire Burke

* Brad Byles

* Rita Clough

* Suzannah Hyland

* Madeleine McClelland

* Paul Ribet

* Laura Roberts

* Sinead Ryan

* Jenny Tomkins

* Kirsten Trewin


To Rosebud

* Jim Baird


Staff new to the College for 2019:

* Shanae Burnett-Raby - M English Teacher 

* Adrian Burrage - Wellbeing 

* Marcus Butler - M VCAL Co-ordinator 

* Mo Cromar - Pastoral Associate 

* Kimberley Damsma – M - Lab Tech 

* Andrew Ferguson – T - Doyle HCO Tyabb  

* Lucinda Gamble – T - Italian Teacher 

* Anders Hamilton - ICT 

* Mairéad Johnson – M - Djeembana HCO Senior

* Tess Neal -  M – Library Tech

* Mark Sturt -  M – Wood Tech Assistant

* Grainne Temple  - M English Teacher 

* Susanne van Heerwaarden – M - English LAL Senior 

* Gayatri Vazirani – M - Science Teacher 

* Sonny Voss – T - Humanities Teacher 

* Christopher Walsh – M - Maths Teacher 

* Eva Wawrzynczak – M - Lab Tech 

We also welcome Ms Lauren Öri to the Rosebud Campus who will be replacing Mr Brian Filgate for a 5 week period of leave and Mr Terry Hudson to the Mornington Campus replacing Mr Arie Wetsteyn for a 4 week period of leave.

A very big welcome to new staff to the College this year.

I wish all students and families a wonderful beginning to the year and look forward to working with you in striving for the success and achievements of our students in 2019.