World Challenge Expedition – Malaysia and Borneo

Padua College Team 2 flew to Malaysia to start their World Challenge Expedition on Sunday 2 December.

After a long night of travel we arrived in Kuala Lumpur and our journey began. From KL we travelled to the community of Bentong. We stayed 4 nights with the Ace Lighthouse Academy, a school for disadvantaged indigenous youth in Malaysia. We volunteered our skills and time in the form of concreting and general maintenance. This was an experience that we will remember and hold close to us. The six children, as well as their carers, have had a lasting impact on each of us. We said our goodbyes in Bentong, and headed for the Cameron Highlands, not before a 5 hour stop in Raub due to a lack of transport.

Once we arrived in the Cameron Highlands we hiked through beautiful forests and took day trip to major tourist attractions such as the world famous tea plantations, the honey farm, strawberry farm, butterfly farm and the local markets. After our stay in the Cameron Highlands, we headed for Palau Pangkor which in English means “Beautiful Island” for a bit of rest and relaxation. But not before we went white water on the Kampar River which, safe to say, was enjoyed by all. We are now on our way to Borneo for the main part of our expedition, the trek phase, a massive 4 day hike through the Kelabit Highlands, before returning home on Saturday 22 December.


Ms Bec Seal

Padua Staff