Victorian Drama League Awards

I would like to share with you all a FANTASTIC achievement by Padua’s very own Zorg Blacker (Tyabb Year 10), Edward Church (VCE Class of 2017, aka Gaston in the 2017 Production of Beauty and the Beast) and the Tyabb Art Club guided by Mr Luke Tyrrell in the Victorian performing arts community this year.

I was proud to cast Zorg and Edward in the youth production of the period comedy Charley’s Aunt by Act II (FTG) in which I was assistant director and project manager for2018. Amazingly, we had “sold out” success for the show run. These two comedic actors did brilliantly, bringing their unique and quirky characters, Brassett and Zippy, to life for Southern Peninsula audiences who adored them immensely. The Tyabb Art Club also paused their usual club activities to assist in painting two gorgeous 12 foot garden scenes for the production during their lunch times.

On Sunday 2 December, members of the Charley’s Aunt Production attended the 22nd Victorian Drama League Awards night, an honor that we were initially surprised to receive and had no other expectations other than a fancy night out. Instead we won a number of recognitions and awards, and Zorg and Edward were no exception.

Zorg was a part of the team that won the Adjudicators Award for Front of House. He won this award for the extra work and effort his ensemble character Zippy did in making the show an experience and semi-immersive for the audience.

Edward received a nomination award for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Comedy or Drama for his portrayal of the butler Brassett. He was one of only five in the whole of Victoria to be recognized for their skill.

Along with these accolades, Charley’s Aunt also received an Adjudicators award for Encouraging Youth Participation, and won the Best Costume Design in a Comedy or Drama. To cap off a brilliant night, the production as a whole received a nomination award for Best Comedy Production, where we came in the top 5 of the best comedy productions in Victoria.

On behalf of Frankston Theatre Group/Act II I would like to thank Zorg and Edward for their incredible efforts that were so very much deserved, and also show my deep appreciation to their teachers for guiding them into becoming the beautiful actors and young men they are. I would also like to give a special thank you to the Padua Art Club and Padua College for their support in my ideas and being so accommodating in this endeavour.

Sarah Jeffs
English and Humanities Teacher