Faith News


It is with some sadness that we farewell two of the members of the Padua College Faith Team at the end of the year. Mary Cameron as Pastoral Associate and Bern Young as Social Justice Coordinator have enriched the Catholic ethos of our college and the individual faith life of students in so many ways.

Mary Cameron

Bern Young

On behalf of the college we thank them for their incredible work, for their generosity of spirit, their wisdom and for the way in which they have constantly put the students of the college at the forefront of their work. There are many young (and perhaps not so young!) people whose lives have been changed because of their experience of a retreat, a liturgy, an immersion, a social justice activity, or simply a kind and listening presence.

Thank you to you both for your wonderful work with us. You will both be missed by so many in our community.

And as a chapter closes, new ones begin, and so we welcome Mo Cromar as the new Pastoral Associate of the college, and Samantha Vinson as the new Social Justice Coordinator. All members of the college community wish you well in your new roles beginning next year.