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As this is the last Parent Page for the year, I would like to express my great thanks for all who have been involved in Parent activities throughout the year.

In particular I would like to recognise the work of Sarah Hansen, who coordinates so much of the work that we are able to do, and keeps the show on track amidst all else that happens here at Padua.

The Parent organising group has, as always, been the backbone of our planning and implementation of the Parent Forums and so many other activities. Numbers for the group have not been strong this year (and we would very much welcome new members to the group) but the commitment and expertise of those attending contributes so much to the life of the college and the engagement of parents in our community … great thanks, particularly to Deidre Snooks and Annette Wetherill.

Many other parents have been actively engaged in the Parent Forums, the Arthurs Seat Challenge, the Parents and Parishes evening and the various BBQs and other school activities that rely on parent involvement. Again … thankyou for all you have done.

Next week we will have our 2018 Review and 2019 Planning meeting. If anyone would like to come along and be involved, you would be very welcome.




WEDNESDAY 5 DECEMBER 7.30pm (Mornington Campus Staff Room)

This is our final meeting for the year, and will review 2018 and set out plans for 2019.

All welcome.



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If you would like to email me with any thoughts, questions or suggestions, please feel free to do so. I’d love to hear from you

Michael Harrison
Vice Principal: Mission & Community