SIS Junior Boys Soccer

It was the Clash of the Titans at Olympic Park soccer ground on Thursday 22 November. Flinders College and their Juventus inspired Catenaccio defensive style was up against the free flowing, attacking Barcelona inspired Padua Rosebud team. 

Against the run of play Flinders College scored first, followed two minutes later by a Padua counter attack on the ball which found Sean Smith taking on two players and finishing with a shot from 20 meters right into the bottom corner of the goal.

After a long stalemate of the ball going back and forth, Flinders College was awarded a penalty from which they scored.

With time running out it looked like Padua Rosebud were going to be the bridesmaids again!

With this is mind, Coach Chappell looked out to a dejected looking Padua Rosebud Team and yelled “Five minutes to go, you need to get in the game and do something or that’s it,  it’s all over!”

Out of nowhere, Jacob Markulin expertly passed to Louis Bisogni who ran down the ground as if the ball was glued to his foot! Weaving around four Flinders players, Louis smashed the ball into the top corner of the net from 35 meters. The team went wild and inspired some intense minutes of heavy Padua pressure on the Flinders goal ending the game in a 2-2 draw and the season saved.

With only one more game to go against John Paul College, the pennant is almost within reach!

Sean Chappell, Coach